Alisa May

Born and raised in Santa Clara, California Alisa's lived in Utah since 2013. It has been a culture shock that hasn’t stopped shaking since. She is an artist focusing on the emotional release and healing that creating provides; with writing as an additional cathartic outlet. More than anything she would love for creative opportunities to be accessible to anyone and everyone who wished to create in whatever capacity spoke to them. It’s a great way to make mistakes and find your voice. She’s an ardent advocate—as a fellow survivor—for domestic and sexual assault survivors. 


Alisa's passion is learning about, and moving towards restorative and transformative models of justice and community. Mainly, her role in whiteness. Her focus is on education with a belief that we can hold space for adults to learn and grow, and that the deep liberation work starts with teaching ourselves, and then our children, a healthier path for self actualization and belonging within our communities.


Intersectional activism and education is a priority in her work and home. She stumbles and fails frequently which leads to a great amount of shutting up, listening, and apologizing which is a lesson most white folks can use practice with.


 Her greatest joy comes from motherhood leading her to pursue accessible support for parents and their children. Proudly queer and transgender, she hopes to assist in creating more brave spaces for all marginalized communities in Utah. 

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