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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Piggybacking off of yesterday's post and an ongoing theme in my healing...How in touch are we with our own humanity? What do we sacrifice for our reputation? Integrity? Honesty? Connection? Love? Humanity?

As victims, getting in touch with our humanity will most likely circle around our worthiness. Our capacity to make mistakes free of shame. Our ability to give ourselves permission to be flawed.

As perpetrators, it turns out we're pretty much circling the same drain. Worthiness. Shame. Flawed.

Our capacity to hold ourselves responsible for our actions corresponds with our relationship with our humanity which then impacts our ability to allow and require others to do the same. Until there is a collective shift away from reputation towards humanity hurt people will not only continue to hurt people (that's never going away), that harm will continue to go unchecked and be bigger than necessary.

We don't have to be this way. The shift will not be easy. It will require resources that most of us don't have. (Affordable and accessible health care, shelter, and basic needs for ALL. NOW.) Deep, dirty, messy soul searching, conscious intent, and changed behaviors are necessary. We can do hard things.

*Nanette is streaming on Netflix. Clip from show quoted here. Watch it! It is a life giving reality check.

Image description: Green, red, yellow and orange leaves faded in background. Quote in foreground: We think reputation is more important than anything else, including humanity...(in bold) Fuck Reputation. Hannah Gadsby ~Nanette. Artist watermark: Heroes and Art

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