• Alex Mae

Dictionary Words

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

I love dictionary words.

The ones I haven’t learned.

The surprises.

The ones I get to leave behind for safe keeping.

My favorites

are the ones that are mainstream enough to know

yet obscure enough to still mean what’s written.

We usually agree.

Get clearer.

Hear each other.

The ones that haven’t been torn apart by lies and distortions.

By spirits and letters.

The ones that trick.

That hurt.

Dictionary words

hold the infinite fluidity of the universe,

and as such,

for this moment they safely anchor me to


Image description: Digital painting with words. Obscured black paint strokes in background. White words tangled together. Impervious holding 'safe,' 'secure,' 'protected' in the air while the word 'love' crumples on the ground.

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